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5 tools business coaches use

Why do they use these tools? It is a simple fact that most small business owners don’t care why something works for them, just that it does work. This is not the same “why” Simon Sinek is talking about. Business coaches use these tools because they work, and have for a long time. The why […]

Why incongruous marketing works

More than just marketing thinking differently… If you look up a definition of Incongruous, you will see it described as out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming. All of which have to do with the expectations of others, and all can be used in marketing to stand out from the crowd, but this is not […]

Creating a business or a job

We’ve all heard the terms Entrepreneur, Business owner, even labels like solopreneur, Mumpreneur or Entrypreneur, but is there a difference in what they do? These labels are merely indicators communicating the person’s position in a market, but what job they do is all the same. How they do that job is the thing that is […]

Is your business “like Uber/Airbnb/Amazon for….”… really?

Is your business “like Uber/Airbnb/Amazon for….”… really?. I’m hearing this is one of the most overused cliché saying from start-ups trying to get the interest from investors, but the reason this turns investors off seems to be more related to emotional intelligence than actual intelligence. Many Start-ups get the business model comparison wrong from an […]

What Job do “coaches” do?

What Job do “coaches” do? The “job” trainers, coaches and mentors do are all the same. It’s all Learning, it is just they each do the same job a different way. No one way is better than the others, but depending on your current situation, one way will be better than the others for you. […]

How to create a workshop: do YOU need training?

What expert is going to admit they need training… Many industry consultants sell 1/2 day “workshops” as training, which a more like information sessions for other services than actually getting any “work” done. This is very borderline misleading advertising in a lot of cases (see ACCC advice on product warranties). You may be given “…the […]

Who cares about the Commonwealth Games?

Who cares about the Commonwealth Games? The Gold Coast 2018 games will proudly host the largest integrated Para-Sport program in Commonwealth Games history. However, If you don’t care about the games, that’s OK too. You are just not in their Target market, and if people don’t respect your opinion, they can’t expect you to respect […]