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Small business; who needs them?

Small business; who needs them? There is growing concern in the Small Business community of poor management of mental health issues, so why does it matter to big business? While larger organizations may be effectively addressing mental health issues internally, it is common practice for larger organizations to outsource work to external contractors who generally […]

Wish you were here?

Do what you love? Love what you do? What do you love? You do what love? One question above is the tagline of the website, and two are not, but which is which? The same words rearranged, even in nonsensical random order (as one question is), can have profoundly different meaning to an audience. […]

Entrepreneurs mindset

Business Success is???…… This famous quote may be what success consists of, but it is also said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a definition of insanity…. unless it is part of a continuous improvement process! Entrepreneurs think differently, but it is more than just positivity. […]