Why incongruous marketing works

More than just marketing thinking differently…

If you look up a definition of Incongruous, you will see it described as out of keeping or place; inappropriate; unbecoming. All of which have to do with the expectations of others, and all can be used in marketing to stand out from the crowd, but this is not why incongruous marketing work so well, and gets the highest amount of word of mouth referrals.

It has more to do the element of surprise; exceeding expectations to be a pleasant surprise; or, a time of discovery learning.

Entrepreneurs personify this type of marketing, and it is usually aimed at a very specific and skeptical part of the market.

Zig while everyone else Zags…

This is advice made famous by Sir Richard Branson leads people to focus on highlighting your point of difference, your USP (Unique Selling Point), but if you go too far and start to tell people about all the unexpected benefits, you are telling them what they should like.

If you advertise a small car with loads of legroom, a tall person will likely say “yeah but not enough for me” and unlikely to even look at the car. However, if you see a tall person walking past your small car and say “take a seat and tell me what you think”, confident that your car has enough legroom, it will not only be the first thing the tall person notices, but they will tell everyone else about it for you.

This concept is also transferable to the way modern businesses do networking. It’s not about selling, it’s about giving. Not giving to your competition, and that is where the incongruity comes in. People that start networking are often surprised that the only competition is with themselves. The more you can give away without expectations, more people are interested in what you do. If you can’t do anything for them now, they will find people like them that you can help. that’s what “Complimenters” do. Think HP and Intel, Apple and Adobe… there are some names that think differently.

If you apply Incongruity to learning, it lowers people’s expectation of the course outcomes. It gets them what they need, without all the stress of trying to learn a whole bunch of extra stuff they don’t need, and may never use. The fact is, humans can’t learn when under stress, and just go back to what feels right for them based on their experience. This could be that they don’t believe they can actually do something, no matter how much micromanaging the trainer does.

Marketing is about educating customers, so the principles hold true. however, salespeople often overpromise and underdeliver. You may go to a workshop because they are the best, but are they the best for you, or even like?

Incongruent marketing calls it like it is, and gets you to decide what you can do with it after you sample the product. So when we decided to develop a course for people with no experience in how to build a website, we decided to put the normal marketing spin on it. To lower the stress levels for those that sign up so they have a chance of learning something, we decided not to oversell Course:

Learn how to build a customized Startup Website

A champion of mediocrity, Brett believes in exceeding the minimum standard by a margin that is only distinguishable by a photo finish and developing procedures that only require the attention to detail needed to check that he in fact still does have a pulse.

Many people start a website to create a passive income, even while they sleep. The personification of working smarter and not harder, Brett believes the level of effort immediately below the level required to complete this course can only be described as “comatose”.

In this course, you’ll the tools you need to generate a 4-figure income, and our course comes with a risk-free guarantee that if you have absolutely no expectations, do it for free, and don’t see the incredible value in this course, we’ll refund 100% of the purchase price.

And, as a bonus, when you put nothing into this course, we’ll give you double your nothing back!

Are you ready to get shit done? Or get shit done well? If you choose the latter, then this course is not for you.

But don’t despair; you’ll extract just enough faeces on this course to form a solid foundation you can turn into a diamond-encrusted turd later, without all the normal pain associated with an uncontrolled movement.

So, if you believe that anything is better than nothing, that the only way you can truly fail is to do nothing, and you can’t improve something that doesn’t exist, why not sign up today?

Why not? We’ve already given you a bunch of reasons why not to sign up! So, here’s a reason to sign up… if you read all this, you obviously have nothing better to do.

So just like this course, that should be good enough for you. Your new website awaits you.

Don’t delay…. sign up today.

I said don’t… oh sorry, no call to action.



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