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If you want to retain your audience for more than 3 seconds, engage them.

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Optimized Video Ads…

Don’t know what “optimized” means? Don’t worry, as part of creating this video with you we explain that, and also what all the numbers and data in the screenshots mean too. We even suggest when, where and who to post your video to.

These short, sharp, and to the point ads get peoples attention and hold it to the end of the video so they see your call to action. These types of ads use people’s short attention span on Social to drive traffic to your website, event or product page, or even longer videos with more information to build your reputation as an authority in your field.

They may not seem like much, but if you believe if you can get potential customers to talk to you then you can convert leads into sales than this is the video for you.

You get a 15-second video tested on Facebook for audience retention to a cold audience.

With this product, you also get a report on the test that includes data on top age ranges, sex, and location to boost posts. Plus, the top Facebook page likes for your interest group so you can see what your audience is in to.

Here is an example of a product promotion that got 80% 15-second views:


Don’t have a website to send people to? We can help with that too: www.ozva.com.au/getmoreinfo/

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