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Social Media Startup pack – Build your online presence

Do you have to stop doing what you love so people can find out about it? Wish you had more time? We have a VA to help you with that. Click here to do more of what you love.

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Do you use Facebook, for Business?

Or maybe you are trying to start a business?

Do you remember benefits are you were aiming from your marketing when you started your business?

  • Freedom to do what you want
  • More money
  • Less stress
  • Doing what you are passionate about
  • More time

We make time, for you.

How would you feel if you had more time?

  • Relieved
  • Less stressed and worried
  • Relaxed
  • Like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders

Our solution is finding people that love what they do, and match them with people that need their skills so they can help each other.

What would you do if you had more time?

Content Marketing Virtual Assistant

Our VA will maintain your online presence from $99 per week  starting by:

  • Daily posts to your Facebook business/group page, scheduled content to a “post plan” a week ahead for approved by you, including
    • Instaquotes and graphic design for ads
    • Hi retention video ads with “moving pictures”
    • Split testing posts for engagement and retention
    • demographic data on identified interest groups
  • Create one event per month (webinar, meetup etc…)
  • Boost posts, building specific targeted custom audiences in your area and special interest groups ($6 per week included, you can pay for extra if you want more reach).

Instagram post example:

Example product sales ad for Facebook:

Event Ad interest:

All this to start you off on Content Marketing package for only $99 per week! 6 to 8 week…. After that, you can do it yourself if you like. Our training starts as soon as you sign up. You get 2 eBooks to download: “Entrepreneurial skills” essential for Small Business, and “Getting Work Done” use in Business Qualification training courses. Both for FREE to use today.

Stuck for ideas? Each week we email you ideas and tips that have worked for others as part of your 8-week plan. Then you can rinse and repeat what worked for you.

Get started today for only $99, then pay weekly.

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Our VA does not need access to your personal profile or messages, will set up a business/fan page if you don’t have one already.

Want Extra Content Marketing Services?

Want to help to build your own video content?

We know you can do better than this guy!

As an extra service, we can edit your Facebook live video (up to 10 mins in length) into a 3-minute information video (with overlaid photos and link), plus edit it into 30 second promotional video that relates to a product/service/event you have available.

Turn it into something more like this that get your point across without having to write a script, or rambling on:

You can include both these in your post plan for the next week for only $50 extra per week as an extra when you sign up for this package. Pay as you go and only in the weeks you need it.

But why stop you content marketing there?

Add another $50 a week when you need it and you can leverage the content to expand your online presence.

Want us to can add your videos to you YouTube channel, share it across Instagram, Caption and Transcribe your video turning it into a blog or landing page for your product or service. Or adjust your WordPress website including a report on the page SEO, Plus embed your video from either YouTube or Facebook so you can track the views.

Don’t have a website or landing page to drive traffic to and convert them into sales. Or just want one short term to get more info about you out there? You can try before you buy a website using one of our pages.

We don’t just empower you to get it done, we’ll educate you how to do it too.

Sign up today and get started today.

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What you do from here:

  1. Add this product to your shopping cart
  2. Complete the checkout purchase process – the first week (or part thereof) is free to set you up and allow you to get the required client info (see point 6) back to us, so you will be charged for the 2nd weeks when you checkout – You also get a free eBook on identifying target market needs and types of innovation.
  3. By completing the checkout process, you are agreeing in “good faith” to a 6 to 8-week marketing plan. You pay $99 today for the first weeks work and then pay $99 per week invoiced after that.
  4. If you do not feel the service is right for you when you get the full terms and conditions of the customised service in the first week setup period, you do not have to go ahead and can cancel your service and get a refund before we start work for you.
  5. The week runs from Monday to Friday, and if you want to continue, payment is to be transferred by Tuesday each week to ensure all services are continued for that week. If you want posts to be scheduled more than a week ahead, you can pay a week extra ahead, but if you “forget” (or otherwise) to pay your invoice by Tuesday each week, you don’t get credit for the missing days. Fair enough?
  6. Download the client information form when you complete the checkout and send it back to us so we can get started: Oz VA Client Info Questions

Even if you are just reading this to get information, we thank you for your time, but we would love to help you get more time to do what you love. That’s a win-win for us.

Still not sure if you can save time? In this 10 min webinar we will show you how you can save hours every week on Facebook.

We know you can do it yourself, and how much time it will save you, because it is what we teach our VA’s to do for you. We even teach them how they can speak for you and your business, like account managers have been doing for businesses years.

It’s simple when you know how, and ANYONE can do it.

Here’s how an Oz VA does it. Our first gift to you.



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