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Is your business ready to take off?

Just need a bit of help, or a lot, to get things moving in the right direction? There is an almost endless supply of Small Business Administration help available out there, click here to book a quick chat 

Just tell us what you want do, and how much you want to pay, and we'll find you VAs. You know the local's quality of work will be great, but wait til you compare the costs on our outcome based services!

We can even help with your HR and professional skills development needs, and getting Government funding.

Want more time to vent? Click here and you can talk our ear off in a longer call.

Facebook and Content Marketing Packages

Do you have to stop doing what you love so people can find out about it? Wish you had more time? We have a VA to help you with that. Click here! We make time, empower and educate, and now have a VA to help you with that.

Yes, I'd like someone to look after my Facebook content... Click here

Video Editing

We will edit a video footage into a 3-minute information video, plus a 30 second promotional video that relates to a product/service/event the stars have to sell.

Yes, I want to look better on camera. Click here

Event Promotion and Management

Got a workshop, information session, or event to promote? Do you have time to research interest groups, write Facebook/Meetup/Eventbrite advertising copy, target ads, answer enquiries, confirm attendance... We do!

It's even cheaper for Oz VA content marketing clients as a package deal.  click here to book a time to chat, and ask us about our event management services.

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Core skills for work

Here is a checklist for you to self-assess the skill you already may have. These "Core skills for work" are used in every formal qualification up to advanced diploma

Dynamic Academy

You can do an online assessment to find out what you Talant Dynamic profile is, and get specific information on your strengths here.

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