The Oz VA Network

For most of us, it just isn’t working out how we had hoped

Cashflow is an issue
Business takes way more time
This leads to stress
Stress is a passion killer

Why don’t you already have help?... Here are some reasons we have heard from business owners we have spoken to:

“Yes, we’ve heard all thus before"

From agencies just trying to get people off the dole cue? what’s different about this? – We are not a job agency. We are doing the training for people working as part of our VA network too, and not relying on government funding.

“I can’t afford to put someone on”

What if you can start with putting someone on for 4 hours a day (say, a mum while the kids are at school) and you can still get a progress payment $3,375 under the “Back to Work” program after 4 weeks.

“But can’t I learn how to do it myself?”

Yes, so why haven’t you done it? If you have time, we can train you, but you don’t the government incentive, and it costs you time and money, but you don’t get the helper you may need.

“I don’t have the skills to teach people what to do"

We train them for you, you don’t have to teach them, then they can teach you when you get time. That is the point of this program. We are here to help you get more time!

“I can just hire an Oversea Virtual Assistant (VA) to do it cheap”

Have you spoken to anyone about the quality of work and the communication issues they have with overseas VA? Some Overseas agencies are not that cheap when you start to compare

During our 4-week course, we cover:

Skills recognition and support services

For the 10 “Core Skills for Work”, resume copywriting skills, professional development planning, and networking, making business connections, plus identifying needs of a target markets


Customer interaction

Time saving social media strategies, Facebook advertising and “boosting posts” to specific audiences and how to link to Instagram, writing ads and website, sales lead generation, appointment setting.


Using internet based “cloud” software and data storage, including Xero accounting software, data entry, invoicing and account management and producing reports

Automate key business functions

Save time and money to scale up your business. This include project management/task delegation and monitoring software, sales funnels and conversions, CRM and mailing list management.

If you want to hire you very own, in-house, Virtual Assistant, book your new employee in this course, no need to look overseas! .... and as a bonus for employers as part of the Back to Work Program, we will implement strategies into your business to complete the training for you. So you get to start to relax as soon as you book YOUR NEW ASSISTANT in!

To secure your spot in the workshop nearest to you, or to get one started in you area (Gold Coast and regional areas too), click below.